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Download DekTec utilities, such as DtInfo, from this page.

These utilities are free and do not require a license from DekTec

Utilities for Windows

DtInfo – DekTec HW & LICENSE information tool

Lists information about DekTec devices in your system and allows you to configure I/O ports (e.g. configure as input or as output).

DtInfo can also be used to apply DekTec license files (.dtlic) and upgrade the on-board firmware.

Version 4.16.0

September 2017


DtLoop – Input to output LOOPING

Loop a transport stream from an input on a DekTec device to an output on another device in another format.
For example, you can loop an ASI input on a DTA-2145 to a DVB-S2X modulated output on a DTA-2115B.

Version 3.5.0

November 2016


DtEnc – Encoder parameter control

Set encoding parameters and check encoder status for DekTec hardware A/V encoders (e.g. DTA-2180).

Version 1.2.9

April 2017


Utilities for Windows and Linux

DtPlay – Command-line player software

Command-line player software for Windows and Linux

Version 4.8.0

June 2017


DtRecord – Command-line recorder software

Command-line recorder software for Windows and Linux

Version 4.7.0

June 2017


DtsdiCvt – DekTec SDI file converter tool

Command-line tool for converting .dtsdi files between uncompressed and Huffman encoded

Version 1.0.0

March 2015


Utilities for Linux

DtInfoCL – Command-line hardware information tool

Command-line version of the DtInfo utility. Lists DekTec devices in your Linux system.

Version 1.2.0

June 2017


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