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We are manufacturing products for digital TV and satellite internet.


MAINDATA has been manufacturing IP encapsulators with built-in 2-layer QoS for over 10 years. The first customer for IPE and HYBRID-NET was the World Bank, Washington D.C. (I.B.R.D). MAINDATA IPEs have reflected customer feedback so they are more complex and fit to service provider business models.  IPEs are controlled by a IPE manager formerly named BNMS, allowing direct access to IPE resources by resellers. Resellers are able to manage their part of bandwidth directly by themselves, and do service provisioning to its subscriber base. We have implemented a "Fair usage policy" that allows service providers to sell defined volumes of traffic - so called "packages" - to subscribers. Part of our complex satellite internet platform is the MAINDATA proprietary solution HYBRID-NET allowing a combination of any IP return channel with DVB IP forward link. As it is fully integrated into IPE and IPE manager, management of subscribers is done at one place. We are developing DVB-S2 ACM head-end.

MAINDATA provides a reliable file multicast system called MEDIACAST, efficient for delivering large files over one-way IP links (e.g. satellite) to multiple locations. This typically matches the requirements of digital cinemas, digital signage and movie distribution projects. MEDIACAST supports addressing to groupf of users.

SMART EDU is innovative eLearning platform. It very much differs from ordinary "dry" web-based platforms as it provides live IP AudioVideo streaming from a trainer to trainees. It allows to build trainings with multiple "learning objects" live and recorded. SMART EDU training can be live or offline. Administration is performed by a learning management system (LMS), supporting assignments, tests, chats, forums, homework uploads and many other support functions for ongoing training process.

OPTIMUX is a MAINDATA proprietary solution allowing enormous satellite bandwidth savings for direct-to-TV tower transmission. It is suitable for

  • OPTIMUX-T2 & ISDB - parallel DTH & DTT transmission of DVB-T2, DVB-T, ISDB formats
  • reconstructing SFN adapted DTT signal from DTH
  • OPTIMUX AD - regional ad insertion into national channels.
  • OPTIMUX REGION - compresses bandwidth of multiple transport stream with same national and different regional TV services. It provides up to 85% bandwidth saving.
  • OPTIMUX is covered by 5 patents.

One of our recent products is the DVB-S2 satellite receiver with built-in demultiplexer, remote control via satellite inbound signal OPTISAT S2/S receiver - ideally suited for feeding multiple cable head-end via satellite.

OPTISAT S2/S receivers are produced in many models. We are developing receivers with ACM (adaptive coding and modulation) for satellite internet, which brings over 30% in bandwidth savings.


Visit our website maindatainc.com to learn more about us.