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MAINDATA is an authorized DEKTEC distributor for Slovak and Czech republic for over 10 years.

DEKTEC is manufacturer of numerous digital TV components like ASI/SDI interfaces, PCI-e modulators, ASI to IP adapters in USB, PCI-e and still some PCI-X form factors.

They can be ordered with various SW licences for Windows OS. Most common SW modules are TS player (named StreamXpress), TS analyzer (named StreamXpert) and TS grabber. DT Info helps to check all installed products and their corresponding licenses at give PC.


Dektec manufacturs following groups of products:

  • Modulators in VHF, UHF and L bands for DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C/C2, ATSC, ISDB-T, CMMB, DMB, DAB etc
  • ASI inputs, outputs (up to 4)
  • SDI interfaces SD, HD
  • LVDS interfaces
  • IP-ASI adapters
  • Receivers DVB-S2, DVB-T/T2 etc

Models are differentiated by the sufix e.g. SD, SXP etc. specifying the SW licence (e.g. DTA-115-SP, DTA-115-SXP, DTA-115-DTMB-SP, DTA-115-DTMB-SXP, DTA-115-ISDB-SP, DTA-115-ISDB-SXP or DTA-145-SDP, DTA-145-SYP, DTA-145-SXP). PCI-X boards are continuosly replaced by PCI-e models.

There are following form factors of DTV components:

USB-3 USB-Fantasi PCI-X, PCI-e Stand alone
Stand alone

SW licences are non transferrable - they are associated to particular HW board. Boards including SW licenses can be transferred between computers. SW licences for TS analysis, AV analysis, RF analysis, Multilexing and Monitoring are available.