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DTE-3114 | Standalone

Networked quad QAM modulator (incl. DTE-PWR2)

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  • DTE-3114 - Quad QAM modulator with IP input

Single item packing dimensions: 21,6x14,6x5,8cm

Netto Weight: 340 gr

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1 394,-€




  • Standalone four-channel QAM modulator with TS-over-IP inputs and directly synthesized VHF/UHF outputs
  • 2D FEC decoder for error correction of incoming TS-over-IP streams
  • Web and SNMP interface for setting parameters and observing status
  • Unit can be powered via the Ethernet cable (Power over Ethernet) or through a DC power supply jack
  • Advanced removal of IP jitter with programmable size of jitter-tolerance buffer
  • Full support of SMPTE 2022-1/2
  • LCD status display shows device identifier, QAM-mode, carrier frequencies, output level and IP/MAC address
  • Install up to 12 modules in 3U 19” rack space using DekTec rack-mountable rail


  • Small-scale CATV networks
  • Cable-network simulator
  • QAM test-signal generator

DTE-3114-Block Diagram

Key Characteristics

#Modulators 4
Control Webinterface
Modulation standards EN 300 429 (DVB-C)
J.83 Annex B (QAM-B)
J.83 Annex C (QAM-C)
RF range 32 to 1006MHz
Output level -32 to -9dBm (total)
MER >43dB
IP encapsulation IPv4
RTP (SMPTE 2022-2)
FEC SMPTE 2022-1
Jitter tolerance 1 to 120ms

Inputs and outputs

Ethernet connector RJ-45
1x RF out 75-Ω F-type (main)
1x RF out 75-Ω F-type (monitor)

PC requirements

OS Windows XP, 2k3/2k8, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 Linux  ≥2.6.18, 3.x, 4.x

Powering options

  • Through the Ethernet cable using:
    - IEEE 802.3af compatible PoE switch
    - PoE midspan power inserter
  • With DTE-PWR2 power adapter

Hardware limitations

  • Channels must be grouped: overall spectrum of the DTE-3114 cannot be wider than 32MHz
  • All channels must operate in the same mode and with the same symbol rate
  • Not supported:
    - Scrambling of incoming Transport Streams
    - VBR input streams
    - SPTS-to-MPTS multiplexing
     (possible in software with MuxXpert)


  • DTE-3114 Leaflet       
  • DTE-3114 Manual       
  • DTE-MIB (General MIB for DTEs)   
  • DTE-QAMMOD-MIB (QAM Modulation MIB)   


  • DTE-3114 firmware    

Dektec models are most often differentiated by the sufix e.g. SD, SXP etc., where suffix specifies the SW licence
  • SP = Stream Player (allows you to play/modulate transport stream files, so this makes sence for devices with Output interface)
  • SXP = Stream Xpert (this is MPEG TS ANALYZER, what makes sence for Input devices)
  • SLP = Stream Xper Lite (very limited alternative of SXP, de facto allowing mainly capturing MPEG TS, again makes sence for Input devices)
  • RX = RFXpert RF signal analysys
  • SY = SD Eye (video analyzer)
  • J = Jitter
  • DGL = Dongle license for non Dektec devices
Meaning of abreviations used in beginning of Dektec model names
  • DTA = Dektec adapter (typically PCI, PCI-e)
  • DTU = Dektec USB device both USB-2 and USB-3
  • DTE = Dektec Ethernet standalone networked device
  • DTC = Dektec software license



Manufacturer DekTec
Form Factor Standalone


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