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ATSC-3 reception and analysis software Real-time ATSC 3.0 receiver and analyzer with advanced RF measurements and decoding of the ATSC 3.0 signaling information. Allows recording of PLP data to file and output over IP.

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  • DTA-2131-XPRT - Multi-standard cable/terrestrial receiver for PCIe with Atsc3Xpert, C2Xpert, T2Xpert
  • DTA-2131-XPRT-SX - Multi-standard cable/terrestrial receiver for PCIe with Atsc3Xpert, C2Xpert, T2Xpert and StreamXpert analyzer software

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2 857,-€




  • Real-time ATSC 3.0 analyzer using the DTA-2131, DekTec’s Software-Defined-Radio receiver card 
  • Shows RF-level, C/N, BER and advanced measurements: transfer function, impulse response, constellation
  • Shows the ATSC 3.0 signaling information
  • Recording of PLP data to IP-capture file (PCAP) and output over IP (ALP, ROUTE/MMT).


  • General-purpose ATSC 3.0 receiver and analyzer for R&D and field work
  • ATSC 3.0 demonstrations
  • ATSC 3.0 field trials

Key characteristics

Standards ATSC 3.0
A/322:2016 (Approved)
Bandwidth 6, 7, 8MHz
Fields in GUI RF-level, C/N, BER 
LDPC iterations
Bootstrap parameters
L1-Basic parameters
L1-Detailed parameters
Subframe parameters
PLP parameters
Graphs in GUI Transfer function 
Impulse response 
Data output IP-capture file (PCAP)

Supported Receiver

PCI Express DTA-2131

PC Requirements

Windows XP, 2k3/2k8, Vista,
  7, 8/8.1, 10
CPU Core i7-4xxx or above

Or AMD equivalent


  • DTC-340 ATSC3Xpert Feaflet    

SW Download 

  • DTC-340 ATSC3Xpert Install Package  
  • DTC-340 RFXpert install package for DTU-234, 235, 236 

Dektec models are most often differentiated by the sufix e.g. SD, SXP etc., where suffix specifies the SW licence

  • SP = Stream Player (allows you to play/modulate transport stream files, so this makes sence for devices with Output interface)
  • SXP = Stream Xpert (this is MPEG TS ANALYZER, what makes sence for Input devices)
  • SLP = Stream Xper Lite (very limited alternative of SXP, de facto allowing mainly capturing MPEG TS, again makes sence for Input devices)
  • RX = RFXpert RF signal analysys
  • SY = SD Eye (video analyzer)
  • J = Jitter
  • DGL = Dongle license for non Dektec devices

Meaning of abreviations used in beginning of Dektec model names

  • DTA = Dektec adapter (typically PCI, PCI-e)
  • DTU = Dektec USB device both USB-2 and USB-3
  • DTE = Dektec Ethernet standalone networked device
  • DTC = Dektec software license



Manufacturer DekTec
Form Factor No


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