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DTA-2195 | PCI Express

12G-SDI input+output with HDMI 2.0 for PCIe

The ultimate 4K-UHD I/O card for PC! Output 12G-SDI and/or HDMI 2.0 signals from your application, add HDR and Dolby Atmos® if needed.

Then again, capture 12G-SDI or configure a port for DVB-ASI to work with transport streams.

Ordering Information

  • DTA-2195-SLP - 12G-SDI input+output with HDMI 2.0 for PCIe with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress player software.
  • DTA-2195-SY-SXP - 12G-SDI input+output with HDMI 2.0 for PCIe with SdEye and StreamXpert 2.1 stream analyzer and StreamXpress player.
  • DTA-2195-VR-SY-SXP - 12G-SDI input+output with HDMI 2.0 for PCIe with VF-REC stream recorder, SdEye and StreamXpert 2.1 stream analyzer and StreamXpress player.

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2 465,-€




  • 12G-SDI input for capturing and processing uncompressed 4K-UHD entirely in software.
  • 12G-SDI output with HDMI 2.0 monitoring for creating UHD signals up to 4Kp50/60. Optional synchronization via genlock input.
  • Create your own applications for processing 12G-SDI or creating HDMI 2.0 signals with the easy-to-use DekTec Matrix API® 2.0.



  • Monitor 4K on standard TV sets via HDMI 2.0, with support for HDR and Dolby Atmos®.
  • Record and play back 4K content with standard PC hardware, using VF-REC with JPEG-2000 compression option.
  • 4K software encoder: 12G-SDI in, ASI out.
  • ASI/SDI stream station for analysis, monitoring and generation of all SDI rates up to 12G-SDI.

Key characteristics

Ports 1x 12G-SDI/ASI in
1x 12G-SDI/ASI out*
1x HDMI 2.0 out*
1x Genlock in

* 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 outputs carry the same stream

Features DekTec Matrix API® 2.0
10-bit full-frame access
HDR, Dolby Atmos®

Inputs and outputs

Connectors 3x 75-Ω BNC
1x HDMI type A receptacle
PCI Express PCIe gen3 x4


Link SD-SDI - SMPTE 259M
12G-SDI - SMPTE 2082
Video formats 525i, 625i, 720p, 1080i
1080p, 1080psf, 2160p

All common formats supported

DVB-ASI EN50083-9 (coax)
0 to 214 Mbps


StreamXpress Playout TS- and SDI files
StreamXpert Our industry-standard transport-stream analyzer
SdEye SDI analyzer for detailed inspection of audio, video and ancillary data
VF-REC SDI/TS recorder with looping, scheduling, JPEG-2000 compression and more
DekTec SDKs Create your own application

PC Requirements

Windows XP, 2k3/2k8, Vista,
  7, 8/8.1, 10
Linux  ≥2.6.18, 3.x, 4.x

Relaterd products

DekTec Matrix API® 2.0 supports the DTA-2195 and all products listed below. Applications designed for one of these cards will run virtually unaltered on any of the other cards.


  • DTA-2195 Leaflet   

Dektec models are most often differentiated by the sufix e.g. SD, SXP etc., where suffix specifies the SW licence

  • SP = Stream Player (allows you to play/modulate transport stream files, so this makes sence for devices with Output interface)
  • SXP = Stream Xpert (this is MPEG TS ANALYZER, what makes sence for Input devices)
  • SLP = Stream Xper Lite (very limited alternative of SXP, de facto allowing mainly capturing MPEG TS, again makes sence for Input devices)
  • RX = RFXpert RF signal analysys
  • SY = SD Eye (video analyzer)
  • J = Jitter
  • DGL = Dongle license for non Dektec devices
Meaning of abreviations used in beginning of Dektec model names
  • DTA = Dektec adapter (typically PCI, PCI-e)
  • DTU = Dektec USB device both USB-2 and USB-3
  • DTE = Dektec Ethernet standalone networked device
  • DTC = Dektec software license



Form Factor PCI Express


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