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DTA-2175 | PCIe Express

HD-SDI/ASI input+output with relay bypass for PCIe

A general-purpose HD-SDI input and output, both ASI capable. A relay automatically connects input port to output port upon software- or hardware failures, enabling highly-available system configurations without requiring a failover switch.

Ordering Information

  • DTA-2175-SLP - HD-SDI/ASI input+output with relay bypass for PCIe with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress player software.
  • DTA-2175-SXP - HD-SDI/ASI input+output with relay bypass for PCIe with StreamXpert analyzer and StreamXpress player software.
  • DTA-2175-SY-SXP - HD-SDI/ASI input+output with relay bypass for PCIe with SdEye and StreamXpert analyzer and StreamXpress player software.
  • DTA-2175-VR-SY-SXP - HD-SDI/ASI input+output with relay bypass for PCIe with VF-REC stream recorder, SdEye and StreamXpert analyzer and StreamXpress player software.

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  • General-purpose input and output port that can be independently programmed to operate in HD-SDI, SD-SDI or DVB-ASI mode.
  • Relay automatically connects input to output upon application crash or PC power failure.
  • DekTec Matrix API® 2.0 provides convenient access to video, audio and ANC-data.


  • Low-latency extraction and/or insertion of video-, audio- or ANC data, e.g. logo/subtitle inserter, audio embedder, etc.
  • HD-SDI (or ASI) playout and/or capture;
    HD-SDI-in, ASI-out software encoder.
  • Analyze and/or monitor SDI with SdEye;
    Analyze Transport Streams with StreamXpert.

Block Diagram

SDI and ASI input flows from port 1 through equalizer, deserializer, processing (encoding in a format suitable for transmission to PC) and DekTec's highly optimized DMA controller. The output flow to port 2 is very similar, but in the other direction.

Block diagram of the DTA-2175

If the PC power fails, or the watchdog times out, the relay falls back to its inactive position, connecting the input directly to the output.

High Availability with the DTA-2175

The relay bypass on the DTA-2175 enables a simple though effective way to create a highly-available HD-SDI (or ASI) generator as shown in the diagram below.

Creating highly-available streams with the DTA-2175

Both PCs run the same application. Normally, HD-SDI output originates from PC1. If PC1 fails (software crash or power failure), the relay will automatically fail over to PC2, bypassing PC1.

DekTec Matrix API® 2.0

The Matrix-API framework decodes incoming SDI data into pixels (in a programmable format), audio samples and ANC data structures. When a new frame has been received, the framework calls a user-supplied "frame-processor callback" for processing of the data. The user callback can create output video, audio and ANC data. which is encoded by the framework into SDI frames.

Synchronization of multiple input streams is straightforward: The video/audio/anc data of all SDI frames supplied to the callback function have the same arrival time by definition. Past frames can be accessed by an integer frame index. The framework ensures that if frames from different input ports have the same frame index, they have entered the system at the same time instance.

Key Characteristics

Ports 1x HD-SDI/ASI input
1x HD-SDI/ASI output
Features Relay bypass
DekTec Matrix API® 2.0
10-bit full frame support
Audio/video/anc extraction
Audio/video/anc insertion
Scaling: 1/4, 1/16


Connectors 2x 75-Ω BNC
Cable length ASI - 375m
SD-SDI - 375m
HD-SDI - 210m
PCI Express Low-profile PCIe gen2 x1


Link SD-SDI - SMPTE 259M
Video formats 525i, 625i, 720p, 1080i

All common formats supported

DVB-ASI EN50083-9 (coax)
0 to 214 Mbps

PC Support

OS Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Windows Server 12, 16, 19
Linux ≥2.6.18, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
Processor Core i7

Or equivalent AMD CPUs


StreamXpress Playout TS- and SDI files
SpRcApi StreamXpress remote-control API for automated playout
StreamXpert Our industry-standard transport-stream analyzer
SdEye SDI analyzer for detailed inspection of audio, video and ancillary data
VF-REC SDI/TS recorder with looping, scheduling and more
DekTec SDKs Create your own application

SDK Downloads

WinSDK (DTAPI) C++ API for developing custom applications
DirectShow SDK DirectShow capture filters
for DekTec SDI devices


  • DTA-2175 Leaflet    

Dektec models are most often differentiated by the sufix e.g. SD, SXP etc., where suffix specifies the SW licence

  • SP = Stream Player (allows you to play/modulate transport stream files, so this makes sence for devices with Output interface)
  • SXP = Stream Xpert (this is MPEG TS ANALYZER, what makes sence for Input devices)
  • SLP = Stream Xper Lite (very limited alternative of SXP, de facto allowing mainly capturing MPEG TS, again makes sence for Input devices)
  • RX = RFXpert RF signal analysys
  • SY = SD Eye (video analyzer)
  • J = Jitter
  • DGL = Dongle license for non Dektec devices
Meaning of abreviations used in beginning of Dektec model names
  • DTA = Dektec adapter (typically PCI, PCI-e)
  • DTU = Dektec USB device both USB-2 and USB-3
  • DTE = Dektec Ethernet standalone networked device
  • DTC = Dektec software license



Manufacturer MAINDATA
Form Factor PCI Express


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